Monthly Archives: October 2018

My afternoon with breast cancer survivor – Cindy-Lyn

I met Cindy-Lyn at a local coffee shop on a hot October afternoon. I had previously asked Reach for Recovery if I would be able to speak to one of their patients – someone who had received both the support from Reach for Recovery as well as the prostheses from The Ditto Project. One of [...]

Breast Cancer: The driving force behind The Ditto Project

In last week's blog post I introduced “Reach for Recovery’s Ditto Project and elaborated on their work on providing low income breast cancer survivors with silicone breast prostheses in an effort to help them restore their confidence, feel as though their body is “back in balance,” so to speak, and help them return to their daily [...]

Breast Cancer: Breaking the mould by providing moulds!

By now we are well into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month of advice, tips and general information on the disease being offered and shared. While this information garners much media attention, as it rightfully should, what of the wonderful NGOs which are playing a big role in breast cancer survivors’ lives? I’ve recently been [...]


On 4 October 2018, Reach for Recovery Paarl hosted a Brunch to create awareness of breast cancer.  The event was attended by 160 guests.  While feasting on a variety of eats and drinks, Adagio, a local group entertained guests with beautiful songs from way back then and current ones. The Paarl Group once again donated [...]


Wolnessie, a shop that sells wool in Paarl decided to raise awareness on breast cancer and invited members of the community to add a bra to the “washing line” outside the shop.  The response from the community has been great!  RFR Paarl added their own very pink bra.