In April 2019, Irene Gcinekile Nkonyane, a breast cancer survivor from Piet Retief in Mpumalanga attended RFR Durban’s Peer Support Training session with the hope to start a small group in Mpumalanga.

Kabonina Ncube, a cancer survivor, joined her for the training with the idea to provide Irene with some administrative support once they get a group started. A meeting was then arranged with Shirley Gottschick to provide some support to Irene. The meeting took place in May in Johannesburg and Irene travelled 3,5 hours from Mpumalanga that morning to attend. Her passion, commitment and enthusiasm is contagious!

We would love to thank Shirley and her team for all the love and support given to Irene. But, we need more volunteers to join Irene so that breast cancer patients in Mpumalanga can receive the practical and emotional support that they need. Sign up as a volunteer today!