“We few, we happy few, we band of ‘brothers’”  – Henry V Shakespeare

Over the weekend of 23 to 25  February

Vice Chair Alison Ayre lead a two way training of 8 new trainees and 15 experienced volunteers who retrained. In addition to this 6 of the more experienced volunteers also took part in the Train the Trainer programme.

The lively weekend was well organised by the Bloemfontein ladies with a good standard of catering to keep all well fed and watered. Included in the 24 were 6 Ladies who travelled from Kimberley to participate. Jill Mludek is singled out for providing the venue of St John’s facilities and for the background organisation as are the three competent speakers.

We wish them all well on their journeys to assist all those affected by breast cancer.

Multi purpose training in Bloemfontein