World cancer day was celebrated at Tygerberg Breast Clinic with an Open day function organized by Dr. Jenny Edge. The idea was to introduce all the role-players to the staff of Tygerberg Hospital and the role each organization had in the successful functioning of the breast clinic.

Attending the function were Volunteers from Reach for Recovery Tygerberg, Cape Peninsula and Paarl branches. Volunteers handed out packets containing water, a fruit, a pink ribbon and pamphlets to patients waiting in the mamma clinic. There was also a tree with crochet ribbons that patients could take free of charge.

Cora and Carla,  Chairladies of Tygerberg and Cape Peninsula respectively, gave information about the role of Reach for Recovery in the hospital and patients’ lives as well as information about the training of the Volunteers.

Other speakers were from Breast course for Nurses, Project Flamingo, Pink Lady and Dr Karen Baatjes and Dr Edge.51362686_2174284526122381_8841747588261609472_n 51325124_2174284546122379_3300454076579315712_n 51291828_2174284532789047_8540446501346738176_n 51703061_2174284619455705_7099213793598636032_n 51435150_2174284656122368_6994339140430987264_n