Reach for Recovery East London recently celebrated the 50  yrs of Reach for Recovery supporting breast cancer patients by spoiling the volunteers in their group as well as the dedicated group of ladies who so willing give of their time to sew the care bags, cushions and softies.   The volunteers were treated to pamper session at a local Beauty Academy. They could choose any beauty treatment but most of the ladies had massages or facials.  While some were having their treatment, the others waited and enjoyed some tea, coffee and some nice treats.  Our volunteers felt refreshed and rejuvenated after the treat.  For some it was a first experience with beauty treatment. It was a special day to thank the volunteers for their time and effort to assist breast cancer patients in East London.  Then it was time to spoil the “sewing girls”. They were treated to a lovely breakfast at a local restaurant and were thanked for all the work they do. The East London RFR Group is so blessed to have these ladies doing all the sewing, keeping the cupboard stocked with beautiful bags and cushions.  Thank you so much!


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