Reach for Recovery Durban were honoured to represent RFR and assist at the 7th conference of Medical professionals, BIGOSA, held at the Gateway Hotel Conference Centre.  The Theme this year was “Moving from disease-focused treatment to personalised and more patient-centred care” . It was a 3 day informative and vital conference elated to breast health issues and patient care.   We received this lovely thank you letter from Lisa Vickers from BIGOSA:

“BIGOSA would like to extend their thanks to the volunteers from Reach for Recovery in Durban who provided invaluable assistance at the recent BIGOSA Ultrasound Workshop and Scientific Meeting on 5 and 6 October 2018 at the Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga.  Nirri co-ordinated the group of ladies and effectively managed them to ensure we had constant coverage and assistance.

Nirri and her team all revealed themselves to be quick learners and soon made themselves invaluable to the team. Devoted to their cause, enthusiastic and able to interact with the attendees, the Reach for Recovery ladies provided a personal touch those of us without the personal experience are unable to offer.

We hope to work with the team in Johannesburg next year, Cape town in 2020 and once again with Nirri and her team in 2021 when we are back in Cape Town”BIGOSA 2018 (2) Bigosa registratio.