On Monday, 17 October and Wednesday 19 October, four Volunteers from Reach for Recovery (R4R) Cape Peninsula branch (Michele Coe, Margaret Selberg, Carla Lind and Caroline Geoghagen), held an exhibition in “Hospital Street” in Grootte Scuur Hospital (GHS) in Cape Town. This formed part of GHS breast cancer awareness campaign. Sister Fish gave us handmade needle work to display that showcased grateful patient’s handiwork.  These patients had been treated at the GHS Breast Clinic.

The Volunteers handed out free pink ribbons to patients, as well as hospital staff, walking past. Two pamphlets dealing with “Who can help me” and “What you should know about breast health” were handed out. A banner displayed what R4R was all about and another one informed about the Ditto project. Additional information about the Ditto project was also available.

Patients undergoing treatment stopped for a chat or more information.  Men we spoke to were unaware that they could also get breast cancer. Most of them were very willing to have the pink ribbon pinned onto their clothes. Hospital staff also proudly displayed the pink ribbon.


A visitor to the Exhibition – beautifully dressed in pink


Margaret Selberg at the Reach for Recovery Exhibition table