Last year we introduced you to three cousins who decided to raise funds for Recovery Group in East London. Three Cousins namely Brenton de la Harpe, David Prinsloo and Russell Weare are the sons of three sisters who were all affected by cancer at different stages in their lives. Two sisters succumbed to the disease, while the third (the youngest of the three) is a breast cancer survivor and member of Reach for Recovery in East London.

The three men decided to run the Comrades marathon in 2019 in honour of their mothers as well as all people affected by cancer. They are especially grateful for the work that Reach for Recovery does and have chosen to donate all funds raised through their project to the East London branch of this organization.

The three cousins, Russel, Dave and Brenton started their Comrades Marathon in a great spirit and supported by Leonie Harry, Rosalie Weare and Lorraine Schonnecht who traveled from East London to cheer them on.

According to Brenton, “it went relatively well”. Cousin Russ had a superb run, but his own was a bit less so a week of flu beforehand. Dave unfortunately had to retire after the 50km mark following a knee injury. We sincerely hope that they cousins ​​all recover well after this grueling marathon. What a wonderful gesture to acknowledge the amazing work that the volunteers of East London deliver to breast cancer patients and their families. Amount raised so far: R162000

Thank you 3 Cousins!