Ardath has served with Reach for Recovery for 30 years and has just announced her retirement. These are some of the amazing words by Chairperson, Stephné Jacobs, to thank her for her service and we think they sum her up well.

“Ardath has been a volunteer in Kimberley for 3 decades, serving Kimberley Hospital and Mediclinic. With her calm, gracious manner and elegance, she has been a valuable asset and an excellent role model for volunteers. 
Ardie always found great joy and pleasure in her work for Reach for Recovery. She served as the Northern Cape representative on the Executive committee for many years. I remember with great fondness how she encouraged Reach for Recovery to grow, urging us to ‘move out of the bedroom and into the boardroom’. She was at the first Reach for Recovery meeting held in 1970 when the constitution was drawn up, and was also in our midst when the new Board of Management was established in 2013. Thank you, Ardath for your wonderful role in the care of breast cancer patients, as well as in the success of Reach for Recovery.” – Stephné Jacobs

Thank you for making history with us, Ardie. We will miss you greatly but are always going to be touched by the mark you have made. 

Ardath Datnow