Charlotte Haley started the pink ribbon movement in her own dining room. In 1991, she began hand-making the peach breast cancer ribbons and added them to a postcard that read: “The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is $1.8 billion, only 5 percent goes for cancer prevention. Help us wake up legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.”

Her ribbons were a call to action not just a message to read. She was calling on a demand for prevention of the disease and more accountability.

There was interest by Self Magazine and Estée Lauder to utilize the Pink Ribbon in their own campaigns. After she denied them the opportunity, they simply changed the colour from peach to pink and this is how we have the new pink ribbon today that stands for breast cancer awareness. Let’s not forget the founder, the pioneer, Charlotte Haley, who started this movement in her dining room and became a woman who made history! #WomenMakingHistory #Reach4RecoveryCharlotte Haley