Reach For Recovery is an international breast cancer support group. It is affiliated to the International Union Against Cancer (UICC). It is a non-medical programme designed to help women with breast cancer in their return to daily life.

In South Africa, Reach For Recovery (RFR) is an autonomous non-profit organisation run by volunteers since the late 1960’s.   Reach for Recovery  is a breast cancer support organisation with a unique focus on breast cancer support and one of the only organisations that provide a patient support service on a national basis. It is built on a simple yet universal principle: that of one woman who has experienced breast cancer herself giving freely of her time and experience to assist and support another woman with breast cancer.   Well-selected and trained volunteers, who each have experienced the breast cancer journey, render an emotional care and practical support programme to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their families.   In some of the regions a prosthesis service is also provided and the focus is also on indigent women that cannot afford this service. This service is done at no charge to the patient and is available to all state patients who can present a hospital card.  The organisation sustains itself through localised fundraising activities and some regular sponsorships that have been associated with RFR over a long period.

Each of the branches does their own fundraising however some funds are allocated to the organisation as a national contribution. This is mainly used for the prosthesis support programme. The organisation is managed by a National Manager who reports to a Board of Management consisting of four Reach For Recovery members and three independent members. Reach For Recovery delivers services in Gauteng South, Gauteng North, Western-Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape/Free State.

Reach for Recovery is affiliated to Reach to Recovery International (RRI) which is a comprehensive non-medical programme created to help women with breast cancer.

Reach for Recovery receives no state funding. It is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (P.B.O No 930 011 568) and as a Non-Profit Organisation (N.P.O. 043-723-NPO)


FIRST in Breast Cancer Support in South Africa


A non-medial support organisation, which provides emotional care and practical support to persons affected by breast cancer.