What are the benefits of volunteering for Reach for Recovery?

Apart from a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of your Reach for Recovery Group and to build up credibility within your community, volunteering also offer the following benefits to you as a person:

  • Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.” Volunteering can help you to learn or develop a new skill which could bring you lots of joy and fulfilment!
  • You will join a group of very special people who give back to their community by helping others. The joy of seeing and experiencing the impact of your services will give you a wonderful sense achievement and possibly motivate you to continue your service.
  • Volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. You will be meeting new people and be inspired by their own stories and reasons for volunteering. This is also a wonderful opportunity to develop lasting friendships.
  • Volunteering will help you to grow as a person, gain new experiences and realise that no task is too small to have an impact on someone or a whole community.
  • As a trained volunteer you will become a wonderful ambassador for Reach for Recovery in your community!

Reach for Recovery provides training for all our volunteers starting with an Induction and Orientation section followed by training in the specialist field you prefer. Training Courses are offered in the area where we have established Reach for Recovery Groups. Please contact the National Manager at nationalmanager@reach4recovery.org.za to find out more.