A Breast Cancer Awareness Event was held for the residents of the beautiful Le Domaine Estate in Hillcrest on 22 August.  Representatives from Reach for Recovery and Lake Smit & Partners were invited to give a talk on Breast Cancer Awareness to the residents.    It is always such a pleasure to work together.   Lorna Mawer, a volunteer from Reach for Recovery,  opened the morning with an in informative talk on breast cancer, on the services and support Reach for Recovery  provides to patients on their journey of breast cancer.

Leigh Campbell and Fazella Ismail from Lake Smit & Partners  gave  an interesting and informative  presentation on the facts and myths of Mammography, and were able to answer many questions the ladies had.  It was a wonderful, interactive morning among friends.

A National Flower Show, entitled “Celebrating Women” was presented by the KwaZulu Natal Association of Flower Arrangers in The Pearls Mall, Umhlanga, Durban.   As August is Womens month KZN AFA invited Reach for Recovery to participate and set up a table in the Mall.  A raffle with wonderful prizes was arranged by Yolande Mattison, Retail Manager of the Pearls Umhlanga, and the proceeds of R3250 was presented to Reach for Recovery.

Anette Badenhorst, President of KZNFA  wrote,  “ We loved working with the Reach for Recovery group.  They are so dynamic and passionate about their cause, and do a wonderful task in sharing awareness with everyone they meet”