We have a wonderful diverse team of volunteers, spread across our KZN province, representing many different walks of life, cultures & age groups,    During the month of August, our volunteers held numerous events and breast cancer awareness talks in their own communities.  In this way all communities are reached and informed of the vital importance of early detection of breast cancer, the warning signs to look out for and the services and support RFR offers.

A breast cancer awareness talk was given at a Sai Retreat in Reservoir Hills,  and then small groups taken aside afterwards.  Our Durban vice-chairlady, Indera Maharaj gave the talk to the audience in the main hall, and then to smaller groups.

Our Durban community is so generous with their on-going support of Reach for Recovery.  Huge thanks to the Queensmead Mall for their sponsorship of our breast cancer awareness table in the centre, and to Superspar who donated muffins to support this event and their local community.

Each year Reach for Recovery Durban sponsors a number of mammograms to women who meet the strict criteria, and who have no medical insurance.  Through the generous support of our sponsors, this initiative has detected early breast cancer, and given those women a fighting chance..