Mandipiwe Ngodwane

Hi everyone, My life changed on the 1st of October 2014 when I was involved in a big accident. I wasnt hurt at all but I was left with pain on my right hand side. A week later I noticed that I had a big lump about 4cm on my right breast at the bottom [...]

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The impact of cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a major life stressor. Emotional stresses are similar to other major Life Stressors such as a traumatic event, an accident or the loss or death of someone close. Cancer challenges physical and emotional well-being. It will challenge your physical state, your role within your family, your work situation, your [...]

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The emotional journey

Breast cancer is a personal and unique experience, one that is often filled with many emotional and psychological challenges such as doubt, shock, anger, guilt, insecurities and indecisiveness. We all have our own unique coping styles and there is no right way to cope with breast cancer. The aim of the information provided is to [...]

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Supporting young children

The diagnosis of breast cancer can be distressing and difficult to understand for children. It is important to remember that children experience and made sense of their world in an entirely different way. Children’s emotional and behavioural response to the diagnosis is often based on how their parents react to the crisis. They may sense [...]

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