I’m struggling to start this post, as it’s going to be a beast of a story and I’ll never manage to cover all my experiences, feeling, thoughts and fears… Before I jump straight into the fact that by the grace of God I managed to summit the great Mt Kilimanjaro (spoiler alert), I need to [...]

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The Burgers light up their house with Christmas lights for Reach For Recovery

Andre Burger is a man on a mission. For the past fourteen years, prior to the festive season, he spends about a month putting up Christmas lights on his home in Kirstenhof. Tens of metres of cable and hundreds of little lights are shown off to give a sparkling effect. Father Christmas, bells, a snowman, [...]

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Mandipiwe Ngodwane

Hi everyone, My life changed on the 1st of October 2014 when I was involved in a big accident. I wasnt hurt at all but I was left with pain on my right hand side. A week later I noticed that I had a big lump about 4cm on my right breast at the bottom [...]

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Ditto Breast Posthesis Support

21 October 2014 My mom is 76 years old. She had a mastectomy on her left done almost 30 years ago and still has the same prosthetic breast from then or what is left of it. My mom is so attached and protective of what is left of it, even if it doesn’t resemble anything [...]

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