It’s breast cancer awareness month, I can’t believe it’s already October! Wow what a year it’s been. I survived and thrived and even though there were some scary moments I learnt to find meaning during my journey and with a positive mindset I got through it, always looking forward and finding the silver linings. I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learnt this year, for all the love and support from my amazing family and friends and for all of your kind messages and support from near and far. I’m so glad I documented my journey in my blog ( as it all seems like a blur looking back.
I am also delighted that I can be of service and help other women who are going through this and take some of the fear of the unknown away for them and be there to support them on their journey.

To all of you beautiful women reading this, I urge you to please feel yourselves up and give yourself a breast exam this month and every 2 weeks! If you feel something odd, get it checked out immediately, breast cancer is treatable and curable if caught in its early stages.

To all my courageous warrior sistas out there, I celebrate you not only this month but every month! To those women who are going through this, know that you are stronger than you think, that you can beat this, the power of the mind is remarkable, so have faith and please reach out to me with any questions, I’m at your service. To my BRCA sisters @brcasisters @brcastrong
To my previvors and survivors here’s to your strength, courage and your beautifully brave scars.