21 October 2014
My mom is 76 years old. She had a mastectomy on her left done almost 30 years ago and still has the same prosthetic breast from then or what is left of it. My mom is so attached and protective of what is left of it, even if it doesn’t resemble anything close to what it is supposed to be.

Now with my mom’s birthday is coming up next month, November 15 and I thought that I can get my mom a prosthetic breast for her birthday. Upon doing some research I found out that there’s a mastectomy bra available too – imagine my excitement; only to have my bubble burst when I saw prices. My mom does not have medical aid and we do not have the money to get a new prosthetic breast for my mom.

Not wanting to give up so easily, I prayed for an alternative solution, for example to find a place where I can get the prosthetic breast or even the bra 2nd hand or something. After browsing through the Internet I came across ALMOST U PROSTHETICS in Queenswood, Pretoria who then referred me to you.

My mom moved in with us late last year with the passing of my sister and with my mom’s Alzheimer’s I can see how all these sudden changes are affecting my mom. Our family lives in PE and it’s only my husband, me and our 2 kids here in Pretoria. I know my mom misses the family and all her grandchildren. My mom is a very quiet lady and since moving up to Pretoria my mom has become more withdrawn. I just want my mom to feel complete and happy, and seeing how attached she is to what is left of what is supposed to be a prosthetic breast I am hoping to bring a big smile to face when I show her her new breast.

I really do hope that you will be able to help or refer me to someone that can please.

23 October 2014

A very nice lady, named Thea, contacted me yesterday and we have an appointment for next Wednesday. I am so very excited and can’t wait to see look on my mom’s face.

Again THANK YOU! God bless you all.

3 November 2014

I am writing to express my gratitude to Reach for Recovery for your time and consideration in support of my endeavours to help my mom. To say that I am touched by your sincere support does not sufficiently express my gratitude. You have provided the means for my mom smiling again.

Thank you very much for sponsoring my mom with a prosthetic breast. What a generous gift!  My mom couldn’t believe her eyes. She was so thrilled and I was very excited for her. We so appreciate your thoughtfulness and support.

Again, please accept my deepest gratitude for your generosity. THANK YOU for all that you’ve done.

11 November 2014

You have my permission to publish our story. I hope this will encourage others in similar situations to contact Reach for Recovery for help. The ladies who assisted us at the Pretoria branch are the nicest ladies ever they so natural and sincere at making us feel welcome and at ease. I must say I was a bit nervous cause I didn’t know what to expect, but what NICE ladies!

I thank God for people like you and Reach for Recovery.  May you all be blessed to keep on blessing others.