Great news from KZN via Reach for Recovery Durban! This week, Dr. Susan Chick, of Lake Smit & Partners presented a cheque of R88 000 to Reach for Recovery Durban, which was a percentage of mammograms done at their ”Just for Women Mammography Centre” during October 2019.

Sincere thanks and appreciation to Lake Smit & Partners, for their generous support, once again. Reach for Recovery Durban and Lake Smit & Partners have worked together for many, many years in KZN, in our common goal of breast cancer awareness, and promoting the vital importance of early detection through regular mammography and screening.

By working together we are making a difference!

Reach for Recovery Durban offer a limited number of sponsored mammograms during October, for women over 40 who do not have medical aid. There is a strict criteria, and all applications will be carefully screened. This could be a lifesaving gift as early detection is the key to survival.
For more info contact our Regional Chairperson KZN, Jenny Caldwell at:

Thank you Lake Smit & Partners! We make a great team!