On 2 July 2015, RFR Durban was invited by Lake Smit & Partners to their cheque handover ceremony. Each year, a percentage of the proceeds of all Mammograms in October, is donated to Reach for Recovery and Highway Hospice. This year, we each received R60 750.00

Reach for Recovery vigorously promotes breast cancer awareness, and early detection through regular screening and mammography. We are so thankful for efforts to be acknowledged, and supported.

Lake, Smit & Partners Breast Cancer month donation to 2 non-profit organisations is an annual event, now in its 5th year. The event was held at the JUST FOR WOMEN DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY CENTRE, A&T Medical Centre, 22 Hopelands Road, Overport on Thursday 02 July 2015. A percentage of all mammograms performed in October each year are donated to two non-profit organisations, namely REACH FOR RECOVERY and HIGHWAY HOSPICE. Lake, Smit & Partners is proud to aid in the effort to support breast cancer survivors by recognising Reach for Recovery. Highway Hospice provides palliative care for patients with terminal illness as well as support for their carers and families. Lake, Smit & partners would like to recognise these two worthy organisations.
(Article by Lake, Smit & Partners)


Leigh Smit (Admin Manager – Lake, Smit & Partners), Lil Marshall, Indera Maharaj and Jenny Caldwell (Reach for Recovery), Dr Susan Chick (Radiologist – Lake, Smit & Partners)