Hi everyone, My life changed on the 1st of October 2014 when I was involved in a big accident. I wasnt hurt at all but I was left with pain on my right hand side. A week later I noticed that I had a big lump about 4cm on my right breast at the bottom side I rushed to the hospital thinking that it was part of the accident but at the hospital Mamelod Mitchelsplain they sent me to memogram and they thought it is cancer. They went through tests and biopsy results were that it is cancer stage 111. They discovered that on the 4th November and the Dr booked surgery for me on the 11th. They removed my whole breast on the 11th Nov mmhhhh shame me.Everything went well I thank Dr Goliath and Mrs Dee Jacobs from reach for recovery from Claremont made my life very easy when I had no one to speak to. Now Im feeling good like a natural woman again Im happy I regained my life Im healthy little bit of pains but it is normal. I picked my softie breast yesterday and Faiza was so nice to me. I just want to say to the ladies out the Dont regret anything dont blame anyone just be strong dont waist time if you have to go for surgery rather be early than too sorry for yourself. Im back at work already. I dont feel sorry for myself. Reach for recovery u r the best u care too much.

*Mandipiwe Ngodwane posted on Reach for Recovery Cape Peninsula’s timeline