On Saturday, 29 August 2020, Reach for Recovery hosted a highly successful, informative and most inspiring 90-minute virtual volunteers’ mini-summit via Zoom. We welcomed almost 80 participants in attendance from across South Africa. Our speakers, Dr Jenny Edge (Head of the Breast and Endocrine Unit at the University of Stellenbosch) and life coach, Sally Joubert, respectively provided us with useful and fascinating medical facts, insights from what is happening inside hospitals and clinics at the moment to care for breast cancer patients and valuable recommendations as to our practical and emotional approach to patient support (and self-care) moving forward from today. Our vivacious and talented brand ambassador, Danielle Bitton, sang two inspiring songs to conclude proceedings. To conclude our volunteers’ mini-summit, our chair, Stephné Jacobs, recited a poem created by Kay Gagiano, R4R’s national social media manager. The poem’s intention was to summarise the spirit of the event and the way forward for our organisation. We hope that it brings our community inspiration and joy as we continue to ‘reach for renewal in a changing world’!Many thanks to all who attended!

We’ve come to seek connection

Not perfection

We’ve gathered to learn, to grow, to know

that we are not alone in our journeys

Our struggles

Our fears

Our community hears us, and hold us and guides us

Together we reach…

Forward, upward, forging a new path

A new way

For a new day

A new way of seeing, of being

Of doing…

To not merely to cope, but to embrace hope

As dedicated hopeaholics

Who seize joy and frolic

Who seek light on dark days

And always that new way

Adapting, refining

A deep recognition

Of each silver lining

At first we were afraid, even petrified

Kept thinking the pandemic kept us from each other’s side

But then we spent so many nights, making plans to work things through

And we grew strong, because we know that we belong

And now we reach, for what is true

And we adapt ourselves, and we renew

And we change the way we act

And we come up with new plans

And here we are and here we stand

We deliver care bags

And we pick up the phone

To remind those we support

They are not alone

And slowly we will build

And slowly we’ll return

To those hospital bedsides

To remind our fellow warriors

Of the great lessons of this ride

It’s not a sprint

It’s a marathon

Take it slow

Learn and grow

So, grab a hand, and take a bow

You’ve made it this far!

Let’s seize the power of now!