Romi wrote the following on her blog in April 2015:

So many of you know that even though climbing Kili has been a dream of mine for a while, I couldn’t think of a better way to raise some much needed funds for a worthy cause – Reach for Recovery. You can find more information about them here.

I think most ladies, including myself, take our breasts for granted. But when you come face to face with losing them due to a disease, you start to think about what they mean to you. At the time, I think one just wants the cancer out, but what happens afterwards? Many women opt for breast reconstruction but thousands of South African women can’t afford this. Does losing your breasts make you less of a women? Not in any way… But Reach for Recovery gives those women a way to feel more confident by supplying silicone prosthesis to them. Besides the support and education they provide, your donations will assist in helping hundreds of women cope with what comes after the disease that can break one to the core…

This is a very personal cause, as my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago. She then volunteered for Reach for Recovery and I saw the direct impact their work had on recently diagnosed women. Seeing your parent go through the physical and emotional journey is heartbreaking but we kept faith and after having surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she was cancer free. Unfortunately she is currently fighting another battle since October 2014 – she’s trying (and will succeed) in kicking fallopian tube cancer’s ASS!! This one knocked us completely out of the blue and to say it’s been a challenging journey for the family is an understatement. She’s such a warrior – it astounds me!

I urge you to donate whatever you can… it would mean the world not only to me, but to all the women you can help! Donate here!

While I’ve got you here ladies, please make sure you do your monthly self-exams and go for your yearly mammograms (if you’re over 40), because I’ve seen the benefits of catching this disease early and treating it! Even though my Mum had surgery and chemotherapy and radiation treatment, we’ve had 8 more years together, and I am grateful for that every single day.

If you’re feeling EXTRA generous today and would like to help ME get up Kilimanjaro, you are more than welcome to contribute directly to my expedition 🙂

Please contact me so I can supply my banking details.

Thanks in advance everyone!


We wish Romi all the best with her preparation!  We are also extremely grateful for the funds raised during this wonderful project.