On Saturday October 15th in Somerset West 250 ladies celebrated a breast cancer awareness function with a morning tea at the Urban Voice Centre in Somerset West. Choices is a Pro-Women centre, who believe in informing women and young people about pregnancy and sexuality, thus empowering them to make well informed decisions for themselves and their unborn children.

The event was held to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Choices .The guest speaker was Erica George who was visited by volunteer Polla Hanekom in hospital in March 2015. Erica, a part time linguistics lecturer at Stellenbosch University, has a family history of breast cancer that claimed the lives of her grandmother, mother and three aunts! After Polla’s visit she said that she too was going to “reach for recovery”.  It was fitting that Polla should attend on behalf of Somerset West / Stellenbosch group and she handed out 250 pamphlets and was given the opportunity to show the contents of our ‘comfort bag’ and to explain what we do at Reach for Recovery.