Andre Burger is a man on a mission. For the past fourteen years, prior to the festive season, he spends about a month putting up Christmas lights on his home in Kirstenhof.

Tens of metres of cable and hundreds of little lights are shown off to give a sparkling effect. Father Christmas, bells, a snowman, candy sticks – you name it and he has it. They’d be the envy of any snow covered home in a small American town at Christmas time.

Every year Andre & Anita choose a charity, to which the proceeds of donations received are donated. The collection of donations is received from people who come from all over to admire and exclaim in delight at Andre’s new creations. This year a breast cancer ribbon was added to the display of lights, as their daughter, Bonita, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the later part of last year , and the collection was donated to Reach for Recovery, a breast cancer group who give practical and moral support to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The good news is that she is recovering well and gradually returning to her normal life with her husband and 7 year old daughter.

As volunteers for Reach for Recovery we are very grateful that we were chosen as their charity for Christmas 2014 and for the sum of R6313 which was received from the donations. It’s wonderful to see that there are still people out there who are willing to open their pockets to help others in need.

The funds will be used to assist women from very low income groups, who have been diagnosed with cancer, to receive proper silicone prostheses.

Many women are unable to afford the cost of these prostheses. Being given a prostheses restores their sense of self and dignity.

To those who made donations and to Andre and Anita Burger who make the effort to create light and happiness during the festive season, we say a very big thank you.