Types Of Volunteers

Reach for Recovery has 312 trained volunteers who provide emotional and practical support to people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, presenting breast health talks in communities assist with administrative work and doing fundraising for the organisation.

Practical and emotional support to patients with breast cancer (peer support)

To become a Peer Support Volunteer you have to be a breast cancer survivor and at least 12 months post diagnosis and treatment. Trained volunteers visits patients in hospital, either before or after the operation. Emotional and practical support is provided at this time and if necessary, at any later stage. Patients are supplied with a booklet and pamphlets dealing with various topics related to breast cancer patients. In addition they receive a soft prosthesis (temporary breast form), a cushion for under arm comfort and a bag to contain the port-au-vac drain. Volunteers can also provide information on types of permanent prostheses, in addition to lists of where these items are available within a patient’s community.

Breast health education

If you are an ex teacher/nurse or any person who loves doing presentations and educating people, you are the ideal person to become a Breast Health Education Volunteer ! You will be trained to provide breast cancer education and early detection services to women at community outreaches in your area. There are still too many women who are not aware of the importance of early detection and about resources available in their community.   You can help us to reach them and help save lives!


The primary expenditures for Reach for Recovery are for the training of volunteers, support service to breast cancer patients (which includes the care bag) and the breast prosthesis programme. Community fundraising is about mobilizing communities to support the Reach for Recovery cause. It is what many people think of when they think of the term ‘fundraising’ and can comprise events, bake sales, raffles, table sales, and much more!

Administration and bookkeeping

As an Admin volunteer you will be providing support to the Reach for Recovery Group with their monthly statistics, monthly financial reconciliation sheets, filing of RRI (Patient) Forms, take minutes during meetings, etc.