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    Support Support Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a major life stressor.
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    What Is Breast Cancer?; Who Is At Risk?; How Do I Do A Breast Self-Examination?
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    Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a major life stressor.
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    Your diet needs to include as much raw, unprocessed, additive-free and chemical-free, growth-hormone-free and organic food as possible.

Reach For Recovery by the numbers: 2019/2020

number of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients visited in hospital
number of patients supported through pre-ops visits, home visits and telephone calls
number of subsidised silicone prostheses given to indigent women
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number of temporary prostheses (“softies”) handed out to new breast cancer patients
number of care bags with support items and information leaflets handed out to post-operative breast cancer patients in hospital
number of breast cancer patients supported during breast clinics at state hospitals
Total number of patients supported by RFR

The aim of the Reach for Recovery programme is

to provide emotional care and practical support

to breast cancer patients and their families.

We intend our support to enable you to make relevant personal decisions and to find the motivation for recovery from breast cancer with an optimal quality of life. Our programme, with its carefully chosen, well trained volunteers, is approved by the medical profession and promoted by cancer societies world wide.